2022 Programme


The Agri Food Tech Expo sandbox programs aims to drive co-innovation and collaboration across the AgriTech and FoodTech industry players.

The platform allows the sharing of latest trends, industry challenges, solutions, and strategies for implementation into the future of food sustainability and security.

Sessions are free for all to attend and to join, check out our 3-day programme line-up below at the time scheduled for each session! 


People are living longer, needs are changing, and there is a real need for the world to operate in a more sustainable way. The Agri Food tech expo looks at the trends at the heart of its technologies and examines how important that food and agriculture is important to the industries and businesses fit together. Our 2022 key focus areas are:

·       Superfood, Novel food and alternative food technology

·       Smart, sustainable, and urban farming and circular economy

·       Aquaculture

·       Food Packaging, safety and security·   

·       Funding, start-up investment, go to market

·       Policy and regulatory framework

·       Country highlights


All timings shown below are in Singapore local time (SGT)

Wednesday, October 26

Sandbox 1 - Ecosystem Track

Time(GMT+8) Programme
11.00am Opening Remarks
A warm welcome to the 2022 Agri Food Tech Expo.
You can look forward to the next three days from the industry on the latest trends industry challenges, solutions, and strategies for implementation into the future of food sustainability and security.
12.00pm Presentation // Green Financing through Transformative Investments

We are soon eight billion people traveling through space on planet Earth, totally dependent on this planet’s resources and the ecosystem services provided by its biosphere.

Therefore, the only way to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to make sure the biosphere thrives and that we are resourceful with all non-renewables so that they last for all living humans, as well as future generations.

This will require huge transformations in how we generate our energy, produce our food, build our houses, move around and create all the clothes and objects we need in our lives. These transformations need to happen and, therefore, will happen, and they are probably the greatest investment opportunities of all time.

Gullspång Re:food is an investor in Oatly and fourteen other companies driving sustainability transformations in the energy and food systems.

Our formula for transformative impact investing is simple yet powerful:

1) define the boundaries for a sustainable future

2) identify the root-cause-problems in the current system

3) describe strategies for eliminating these problems, and

4) look for companies that can unlock these strategies through transformative innovations

Speaker: Gustaf Brandberg, Founding Partner, Gullspång Re:Food (Sweden)
12.20pm Presentation // AgriSolar

Speaker: Davide PACHECO, APAC CEO, Amarenco Group
12.40pm Presentation // The Evolution of the Market and the Profiles sought in the Agricultural and Agri-Food sector

Speaker: Hugues Dumas, Founder, Synovivo Consulting Agri Biz
1.00pm Networking Lunch Break
2.00pm MOU Official Signing // Innovate 360 Pte. Ltd with:

Space-F – Chris Aurand
ProXES – Donghui Kim
Futura Ingredients (S) Pte. Ltd – Wong Si Si
2.40pm Panel // Discover Food Technology Trends and Innovations in 2023

Innovate 360 Pte. Ltd

Chris Aurand, Open Innovation Leader at Thai Union Group, Space-F Programme
Donghui Kim, Managing Director at ProXES Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, ProXES
Wong Si Si, Global Business Director, Futura Ingredients (S) Pte. Ltd
Exhibitors Speakers’ Corner // Israel Pavilion
3.00pm Speaker: Erez Fait, Co-founder & Chairman, Agrinoze
3.15pm Speaker: Yoav Dagan, Co-founder & VP Business Development,
Aquamaof Aquaculture Technologies Ltd
3.30pm Speaker: Dr. Efrat Dvash Riesenfeld, CTO, Bee-io Honey Ltd
3.45pm Speaker: Eran Perlstein, COO & Co-Founder, Bio-Circular (Biotic) Ltd
4.00pm Speaker: Eliron Toby, Chief Marketing Officer, NextFerm Technologies
4.15pm Speaker: Arik Kaufman, CEO & Founder, Steakholder Foods Ltd
4.30pm Presentation // Climate and irrigation precision monitoring and control for Singapore's indoor farms and greenhouses

Speaker: Wierd Vonk, General Manager, Hoogendoorn Asia
4.50pm Presentation // Ultra high density food production

Speaker: Robin Vincent, CEO, Canobi Agtech
5.30pm End of Day 1

Sandbox 2 - Innovation Track

Time(GMT+8) Programme
12.00pm Panel // What’s next for localizing alt proteins?

Jennifer Morton, Corporate Engagement Specialist, Good Food Institute APAC

Alex Brittain, International Senior Vice President, Perfect Day
Lee Jie Ying, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager of Plant Alternatives, APMEA, Kerry Ingredients
Samuel Chan, Head of AgriFood, Singapore Economic Development Board
1.00pm Networking Lunch break
2.00pm Presentation // Role of process engineering in the alternative protein industry

Speaker: Nimesh Kedia, Project Director, Haskell Pte Ltd
2.20pm Presentation // How Sprouts Farms Use Waste to Clean The Environment

Speaker: Karen Tandagi, Founder & CEO, Sprouts Farms Indonesia
2.40pm Presentation // Transforming analogue products into digital assets. Unlocking the opportunity to compete on supply chain transparency and exemplary digital experience

Speaker: John Pennington, Executive Director, TradeWindow
3.00pm Presentation // Process Solutions for High quality plant-based protein extraction

Speaker: Dharmendra Shukla, Regional Sales & Market Unit Manager, Food solutions and Protein Systems, Business Unit Food Systems Alfa Laval, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Exhibitors Speakers’ Corner // Netherlands Pavilion
3.30pm Seminar // The Netherlands: Pioneers in Plant-Based and Novel Foods

Opening Remarks Speaker:
Hajo Provó Kluit, Head of Economics and Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

As one of the world’s biggest alternative proteins hubs with over 250 companies working on the protein transition, the Netherlands provides a strong ecosystem for technology and innovation. The Dutch skillset includes protein production, processing, innovation and logistics, allowing to stimulate the shift towards a restored balance between animal- and alternative proteins. This seminar will provide insight in some of the leading Dutch organizations and research in novel foods and plant-based proteins. As The Netherlands has a strong focus on collaboration and partnerships, you are invited to join the seminar and start working with us to solve global challenges together!
3.40pm Presentation // Insights into the Dutch National Protein Strategy and the Alternative Proteins Ecosystem

Speaker: Willemien van Asselt, Director for international Relations and Cooperation, Top Sector Agri & Food
3.50pm Panel // The Netherlands Protein Hub; Building Towards a Protein Shift

Mirjam Hilgeman, Project Manager Food, Rabobank

Johan de Schepper, Chief Innovation Officer, Agrifirm
Angelique van Helvoort, Programme Manager, OostNL
Jan Meiling, Managing Director, Startlife
Prof Johan Garssen, Chairman, Future Food Utrecht
4.20pm Presentation // The Netherlands as Birthplace of Cultured Meat

Speaker: Ira van Eelen, Founder and CEO, Kind Earth Tech and Respect Farms
4.30pm Pitch // Cellular Agriculture; Meat and Dairy

Krijn de Nood, CEO, Meatable
Etske Bijl, Food Scientist, WUR
Martyn Everts, VP of Sales, Mosa Meat
5.00pm Panel // The Role of Plant-Based Proteins in Restoring Protein Consumption

Willemien van Asselt, Director for international Relations and Cooperation, Top Sector Agri & Food

Jos Hugense, CEO, Meatless
Corjan van den Berg, CEO, Revyve
Wouter de Heij, CEO, Top BV
Henk Schouten, Chairman, Schouten Europe
5.30pm End of Day 1

Thursday, October 27

Sandbox 1 - Ecosystem Track

Time(GMT+8) Programme
Welcome Back
Exhibitors Speakers’ Corner // German Pavilion
11.00am Speaker: Phillipp Braungardt, DY CEO, STEP Systems GmbH
11.15am Speaker: Prof. Dr Katharina Riehn, Member of the Board and Vice President, DLG
11.30am Speaker: Mrs Simone Schiller, Managing Director, DLG Competence Center Food
12.00pm Panel // Innovation in Genetic & Breeding for Sustainable Aquaculture

Dr Lee Chee Wee , Centre Director,
Aquaculture Innovation Centre

Professor Berta levavi-Sivan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Professor Justin Rhodes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Professor Dean Jerry, Director of the Tropical Futures Institute, James Cook University
1.00pm Networking Lunch Break
2.00pm Partner Event // Sustainable Urban Agriculture Forum

Republic Polytechnic
4.30pm Panel // Exclusive Country Outlook: Malaysia
Building a Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient Agri-Food Tech Ecosystem

Melissa Ong, CEO, Southeast Asia, Thought For Food

Dr Toong Foo Weng, Managing Director, Full Nature Fresh Sdn Bhd
Dato’ Lee Mok Foong, CEO, Trans Eco Farm Sdn Bhd
Sha G P, Co-Founder, Future Farms Sdn Bhd
5.30pm End of Day 2

Sandbox 2 - Innovation Track

Time(GMT+8) Programme
Welcome Back
11.00am Presentation // Food E-Commerce: The Trends, Potential Risks & Opportunities

The food e-commerce landscape has dramatically evolved in the last few years, fuelled by the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, rapid technological developments, several social drivers such as increasingly accelerated lifestyles, as well as economic drivers such as the rising middle class particularly in Asia. In order to keep pace with these changes, benefit from the opportunities and minimise the risks, both industry and governments need to be proactive and collaborate with one another.

•     New food e-commerce business model components – the trends, opportunities, and risks
•     Government and industry initiatives in Asia to shape the policy and regulatory ecosystem - fostering sustainable growth of the food e-commerce sector

Emily Whitelock, Senior Regulatory Affairs Executive, Food Industry Asia
11.15am Presentation // Digital Labelling: The Future of Smarter Food Labelling in Asia

With increasing regulatory requirements and consumer demand for greater transparency in food products, digital labelling is gaining tractions as an alternative method to communicate and store information related to food products. This session will discuss about the policy and consumer trends around digital labelling in Asia, the opportunities and challenges faced in the adoption of digital labelling, as well as recommendations on the collaborative efforts and stakeholders’ actions that will be needed to realise the full potential of digital labelling.

Teo Jie Ling, Regulatory Affairs Executive, Food Industry Asia
11.30am Break
11.40am Panel Discussion with Q&A Session

Jiang YiFan, Associate Director of Science & Regulatory Affairs, Food Industry Asia

Swee Cheng Wei, Senior Manager, AlphaBeta (Part of Access Partnership)
Chong Nyet Chin
, Director, Food Safety & Quality, NTUC Fairprice Co-operative
Chee Yap, Executive Director, APAC Innovation & Development, Sealed Air Corporation
1.00pm Networking Lunch break
2.00pm Presentation // Improving Production Rates & Crop Yields Through Sustainable Means

Tan Chong Hui, CEO, Jah Cultura
Exhibitors Speakers’ Corner // Canadian Pavilion
2.30pm Topic // Let’s make something new with REV™ Vacuum Microwave Drying technology

Speaker: Harman Nijjar, VP Global Sales & Business Development, ENWAVE Corporation
2.35pm Topic // Physically Embedding Data Into our Food for a More Secure and Sustainable Future

Speaker: Mike Borg, Founder & CEO, Index Biosystems
2.40pm Topic // Plant Protein Extraction for a Better World

Speaker: James McQueen, VP Business Development, Grainfrac Inc.
2.45pm Topic // The role of protein concentrates to revolutionise the plant based industry

Speaker: Lena Tan, Head, Corporate Communications, Agrocorp International Pte Ltd
2.50pm Topic // Harmonizing Monitoring & Automation In Indoor Farming

Speaker: Robin Vincent, CEO, Canobi AgTech
2.55pm Topic // Value-added agricultural, environmental, and biochemistry technologies

Speaker: Emmanuel Richard, CEO, Custom Agricultural Intelligence Inc
3.00pm Topic // Alberta, Canada: A Hub for Agri-food Innovation

Speaker: John McDonald, Managing Director, Asia, Invest Alberta Corporation
3.30pm Presentation // BLU EAT: taking over the gut-brain axis for consumers by creating convenient and delicious plant-based food and beverages.

Speaker: Jean-Michel Pommet, CEO, President & CSO, The BLU EAT Company

There is growing evidence of the importance of diet on human (and animal) microbiome, impacting directly health and wellness. By designing its first novel beverages targeting gut health, BLU EAT wants to educate consumers about how to take care of their microbiota with healthy products which incorporate plant and algae ingredients &/or extracts.
Exhibitors Speakers’ Corner // French Pavilion
3.45pm Speaker: Barbara Guerpillon, Senior Director - Transformation, Innovation & Corporate Venture, Dole Sunshine Company
4.00pm Speaker: Alexandros Pantalis, CO Founder & CEO, Phagos

Bacteria are evolving resistant to antibiotics. According to WHO, resistant bacteria are now a major threat to global health. Phagos channels bacteria's natural predator, the bacteriophage, to provide a long-term solution.
4.15pm Speaker: Gaetan Fabritus, CCO, BioCeanor
4.25pm Speaker: Clement Turnier, VP Global Sales & Marketing, Ubees
4.40pm Speaker: Anthony Bugeat, CEO, Axioma France
4.50pm Speaker: Emmanuelle Bucaille, CEO, Pure Active Water

Sustainable water treatment - PURE ACTIVE WATER Pte Ltd is a Singaporean Company that provides safe water and sanitation solution through an innovative technology ActivH2O. ActivH2O eliminates viruses (including Sars-Covid 2) and bacteria by chemical free electrolysis. This sustainable process generates natural oxidants at different concentrations providing not only sanitized potable water but also a disinfection solution. The oxidants remain in the water for several weeks, thereby protecting water from re-contamination.
5.00pm End of Day 2

Friday, October 28

Sandbox 1 - Ecosystem Track

Time(GMT+8) Programme
Welcome Back
11.00am Panel // Exclusive Country Outlook: Indonesia

Cultivating agri-food security and sustainability with innovative Agri-food tech

Gita Syahrani, Executive Director, Sustainable District Association (LTKL)

Ferron Haryanto, CEO, eKomoditi
Widya Putra , CEO, Mushome
Yohannes Sugihtononugroho, CEO, Crowde
Ainu Rofiq, COO, Koltiva
12.00pm Panel // Exploring the different elements of the digital ecosystems that drive its food safety outcomes

The need for food safety is so important that it’s typically baked into the very fabric of our society. Companies have their own internal programs and are overseen by government agencies who make sure companies are in line with what they require, and many manufacturers are turning towards software solutions when designing theirs since there can be such different needs within a single facility.

In addition to the recent COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated food safety challenges, notably in processing, packaging, and transporting agro-products. With the need to improve food safety standards, many has looked towards disruptive digital solutions for effective food safety management.

In this panel session, the session explores different elements of the digital ecosystem that drives its food safety outcomes.  The speakers represent food safety experts. These include molecular immunological analysis of food allergens for better diagnostics and development of therapeutics, specific to the Australian-Asian region, sustainable products and supply chains ecosystems, and, and the adoption of IoT, AI and Blockchain technologies in Agribusiness.

Learning Outcomes:
•     How Private and Partnership supports Agriculture value chain?
•     Discuss Using better technology to create a strong adherence to food safety
•     Improve food traceability more than any other technology
•     Steps in keeping employees and customers safe from foodborne illness

Jack Wang, Director for Agribusiness, SAP Southeast Asia

Prof Andreas L. Lopata, Molecular Allergy Research Laboratory in the College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences, Division of Tropical Health and Medicine, James Cook University
John Pennington, Executive Manager, TradeWindow
CL Goh, CEO & Co-founder, Natural Trace
1.00pm Networking Lunch Break
2.00pm Partner Event // Launch of Agri-food Singapore Standards

Welcome Address Speaker:
Dr Allan Lim, Chairman, Food Standards Committee

Ms Khoo Gek Hoon, Director, Industry Development and Community Partnership Division, Singapore Food Agency
Mr Allan Lim, CEO, Comcrop Pte Ltd
Mr Malcolm Ong, CEO, The Fish Farmer Pte Ltd
Mr Yeap Soon Ming, QA Lead, Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd
3.30pm Panel // Exclusive Country Outlook: India

Tapping onto India’s unrealised Agri-Food potential: How Agri-Food Tech can increase productivity and ensure sustainability  

Rahul Gladwin Massey, Founder, Culinarte - Cuisine Concepts, President, Christian Chefs International - Delhi Chapter
V Ramkrishnan, Managing Director, AAR KAY Management Consultants
5.00pm End of Programme

Sandbox 2 - Innovation Track

Time(GMT+8) Programme
Welcome Back
11.00am Fireside Chat // Early strides towards Net-Zero in Large Enterprises

Julie Greene and Felipe Daguila discuss Olam's journey towards net-zero, from the early stage challenges, to be able to measure emissions with high-confidence and eventually translate it to initiatives across the supply chain. Miguel Fernandes will demonstrate how the Terrascope platform makes carbon emissions measurement and management more accessible and actionable.

Julie Greene, CSO, OLAM Group
Felipe Daguila, CCO, Terrascope
Miguel Fernandes, Co-head of Data Science, Terrascope
12.00pm Presentation // Digitization of European agriculture fostering an agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability, and success

Speaker: Juan Francisco Delgado Morales, Executive Vice President, European Foundation for Innovation and Technology Development, Spain
12.30pm Presentation // You Can Grow Faster Without Getting Bigger!

For Landscape Business

Speaker: James Lim, Digital Transformation Consultant, AMG Concept Pte Ltd
1.00pm Networking Lunch break
2.00pm Presentation // Scalable Scaffolding Solutions for the cell cultured meat industry. The case for HaloSpun Nanofibers'

Speaker: Märt-Erik Martens, Co-founder & CEO, Gelatex Technologies
2.30pm Presentation // Precision Macronutrients Analysis (Coffee and Cotton)

Speaker: Ángela Díaz Labrador, Client Success Manager of Business Development & Sales, ST Engineering Geo-Insights
3.00pm Partner Event // Embracing Sustainability in Food Services: Win at Buying Green

SHATEC Webinar Series 2022
5.30pm End of Programme
See You Next Year

*The programme may be subject to change without prior notice.