28 OCTOBER 2022 | FRIDAY 2.00PM - 3.30PM


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Singapore Manufacturing Federation – Standards Development Organisation (SMF-SDO) will be launching the Agri-food Singapore Standards for a holistic approach to farm management. To keep up with emerging farming technologies and market demand for high quality farm produces, and to promote responsible farming, the Singapore Standard (SS) 675: 2021 Specification for good agriculture practice, SS 670: 2021 Specification for good aquaculture practice and SS 676: 2021 Specification for good animal husbandry practice for layer farms were developed. By following these Singapore Standards which are aligned to ASEAN & international standards, local farms adopt best practices for quality assurance in agriculture, aquaculture and egg production while protecting the farm environment.

Join us and hear from experts from the Singapore Food Agency and farmers about the Agri-food Singapore Standards, implementation and learn more about how these standards would be beneficial to your organisation. Through this session, we hope to provide a better understanding to farms who are intending to adopt the standard.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn more about Agri-food Singapore standards and how they can benefit your business
  • Gather valuable insights into the holistic approach to farm management and the challenges, opportunities, and road ahead
  • Hear from experts from the government agency and industry about the implementation of Agri- food Singapore Standards and the business impact of the standard

Date: 28 October 2022, Friday
Time: 2.00pm to 3.30pm (GMT +8)
Venue: Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia, Sands Expo & Convention Centre Halls A-B, Level 1


2.00pm – 2.10pm Welcome Address

Dr Allan Lim, Chairman, Food Standards Committee
2.10pm – 2.25pm Overview of the scope and objectives of the Singapore Standards on Good Agricultural Practice/ GAP (SS670: 2021, SS675: 2021, SS676: 2021) for SG farming industry

Ms Khoo Gek Hoon, Director, Industry Development and Community Partnership Division,
Singapore Food Agency
2.25pm – 2.40pm The use of SS 675 Specification for Good Agriculture Practice with high-tech machinery and equipment to assist in the farming processes for better produce

Mr Allan Lim, CEO, Comcrop Pte Ltd
2.40pm – 2.55pm Adhering to SS 670 Specification for Good Aquaculture Practice through tracking data in the online management system for proper recording and traceability for fish farming

Mr Malcolm Ong, CEO, The Fish Farmer Pte Ltd
2.55pm - 3.10pm Producing freshly laid high-quality eggs with SS 676 Specification for Good Animal Husbandry Practices for Layer Farms

Mr Yeap Soon Ming, QA Lead, Chew's Agriculture Pte Ltd
3.10pm - 3.30pm Live polling, Panel Discussion and Q&A

Moderated by Dr Allan Lim, Chairman, Food Standards Committee
Panelists: All speakers
3.30pm End of Session


Dr Allan Lim

Food Standards Committee 

Allan Lim leads the Open Innovation Department at Nestlé R&D Center, which is responsible for white space exploration, external partnerships, and contract management in Southeast Asia. Allan started his career in Nestlé as a chemist in 1995 after graduating with PhD from the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. After a brief career at an animal health company between 2004-2008, Allan returned to Nestlé to lead innovation partnership in Asia. One of his biggest achievements is the establishment of strategic partnership between Nestlé and A*STAR in 2014. Today, Allan spearheads external R&D innovation in Agri-foodtech through different collaboration models and platforms with public research institutes, academia, enterprises and startups. A case in point is the Circular Materials Laboratory, a pre- competitive R&D consortium of more than 20 companies, universities, government agencies and public research institutes, which was set up in 2018 together with the Singapore government to accelerate research in material and environmental science for single serve packaging.

At the national level, Allan supports Enterprise Singapore by serving as Chairman of Singapore Food Standards Committee and member of Singapore Standards Council since 2017. For his contribution to food standard development, Allan received the Distinguished Partner Award from Enterprise Singapore in 2022.

Allan also contributes to the international and local academic institutions by serving as co-chairman of the scientific committee of the 21st World Congress of Food Science & Technology: “Future of Food: Innovation, Sustainability & Health”, and as chairman and member in academic advisory boards of tertiary institutions.

Ms Khoo Gek Hoon

Industry Development and
Community Partnership Division
Singapore Food Agency

Ms Khoo Gek Hoon holds a Master Degree in Science (Botany) from the National University of Singapore in 1998. She also holds several professional certificates in auditing. She is certified by IOIA as an inspector for organic farm production and organic processing, and a lead Auditor for ISO 22000 by IRCA and has obtained training in HACCP and GLOBALGAP standards etc.

After her graduation, Ms Khoo started off as a Senior officer in National Science and Technology Board, now known as A*STAR. She joined the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) since 2000, and is very much involved in Standards and Conformity in the agri-food and food sector in her last 22 years of service in AVA and now Singapore Food Agency.

As AVA’s Senior Officer, she was in involved in developing and promoting agri-technology and farming standards to support the agri-food industry development in Singapore. In 2004, she developed the first national Good Agricultural Practice Standard and Certification Scheme for local vegetable farms and was involved in the development ASEAN Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) standard, as well as the ASEAN Organic Agriculture Standard for the ASEAN region. She was also the Senior Consultant and Auditor of Agrifood Technologies Pte Ltd, an AVA’s subsidiary arm, which developed two On-farm Quality Assurance Programmes in 2008 for agri-food retailers 1) Good Agronomic Practices (GAP) Certification of TCM Herbs for Eu Yan Sang, and 2) NTUC Fairprice Organic Assurance Programme for Pasar Organic.

From 2010 to 2018, she was heading the Post-Harvest Technology Center of AVA as a Director where vegetable and seafood post-harvest technology programmes were implemented to support the agri-food supply chain. During this period, other than initiating post-harvest R&D projects, she was engaged in the development and promotion the Singapore Standard for cold chain management of vegetables, Technical reference for Cold Chain management of frozen fish and seafood and the regional guidelines on Traceability system for aquaculture products and cold chain management for fish and fishery products.

Currently, she is the Director of Capability Development Department in SFA overseeing the development and promotion of agri-food and food standards. She has led the development of the Singapore farm sustainability standard – Singapore Standard 661: Specifications on Clean and Green Urban Farms – Agriculture, the Singapore Standards on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which consist of SS 675: 2021: Specification for Good Agriculture Practice, SS 670: 2021 Singapore Standard: Specification for Good Aquaculture Practice and SS 676: 2021 Singapore Standard: Specification for Good Animal Husbandry Practice for Layer Farms. She is also the Co-chair of the Technical Committee of Food Production under the Food Standard Committee of Singapore Standards Council, Co-chair of the WG for the development of SAC accreditation of Certification Bodies for Clean and Green Urban Farms Standard Certification and the Chair of the WG for the development of SAC accreditation of Certification Bodies for Good Agricultural Practices Standards Certification.

Mr Allan Lim

Comcrop Pte Ltd

Mr Allan Lim is the Chairman and Founder of Comcrop, established in 2014 Singapore’s first rooftop farm producing leafy green vegetables for local supermarket. As a pioneer of urban agriculture in singapore, he had worked with Ministry of National Development and other agencies such as SFA, URA and ESG to establish regulatory and promotion efforts for emerging agriculture industry in Singapore.

He is the founder of of Alpha Biofuels and Comcrop , 2 local companies that are in the forefront of urban sustainability. Alpha biofuels produces low carbon biodiesel from waste cooking oil while Comcrop grows fresh pesticide free leafy greens on a rooftop farm in an industrial estate.

In 2020 , Mr Lim Co Chaired the Task Force for opportunities in agriculture and is also a member of the Alliance for Action for Agritech.

Allan was a member of the MTI Pro Entreprise Panel and also participated as members of sub committees in  Economic Strategies Committee  in 2009 and Committee for Future Economy in 2016.

Mr Malcolm Ong

The Fish Farmer Pte Ltd

Mr Malcolm Ong graduated from NUS with an engineering degree in 1988 and started his career as an IT engineer.  Later, he joined a start-up company in 1996 and grew the company to $20 mil in revenue.  In 2007, he sold all his shares in the IT Company to a big French group.  After being in IT for nearly 20 years, Malcolm started looking for a career switch.

Even before he decided on a career switch, Malcolm loved taking a boat out to sea and along the way, he met several fish farmers who were willing to share their passion with him.  At the same time there were several reports stating that our oceans are being depleted at an alarming rate.  Moreover the world population is growing and people are getting more affluent, resulting in demand for fish which is seen as a healthy option. In addition, Singapore imports a staggering 96% of seafood from overseas.  Malcolm decided there is an opportunity to provide consumers (especially Singapore consumers) a sustainable alternative to wild caught, imported fish.  At the current moment, farming is the best option to providing fish sustainably for a world with growing demand.

Although there was opportunity, the risks are very high especially since Malcolm did not have any experience.  It took about a year before he found two partners who had the common vision of providing fresh, safe and affordable fish to the local market.  The two partners had several years of farming experience while Malcolm used his experience to elevate the status of the farm to a more professional level

Mr Yeap Soon Ming

QA Lead
Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd

Mr Yeap Soon Ming is a QA Lead at Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd. Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s most trusted producers of fresh eggs. The range of nutritious Designer Eggs, from Kampong to King Sized, are well-loved for their unbeatable freshness and quality. They are a staple food of many families, through generations.