Ag-Volution For The Future | Thailand

Ag-Volution For The Future | Regional Roadshow (Thailand)

Date & Time
6 / 7 September (Tentative)

Thailand has an established domestic Agri-Food industry, bearing abundant natural resources, a large workforce and breakthroughs in R&D. Additionally, the country is a leading exporter of the world’s food. Supporting the development of Agri-Food Tech will be essential to develop Thailand as a global innovation hub industry in line with Thailand 4.0.

The very first Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA) roadshow targeting the Thai economy aims to explore the capabilities of Agri-Food Tech in the country, as well as to generate ideas through the convergence of thought-leaders and industry professionals in the Thai Agri-Food scene. Key takeaways include:

  1. Highlighting initiatives to integrate Agri-Food Tech in the sector
  2. Raising awareness about Agri-Food technologies targeting critical issues in Thailand
  3. Driving the broad adoption of advanced technologies leading up to Thailand 4.0

Target audience
Agriculture companies including urban farming, F&B Brand Owners and Manufacturers, Food service companies, B2C Restaurants & Marketplace, Urban farming, Innovative Start-ups and SMEs , Government Agencies, Trade Associations and Media

Program (Subjected to changes)

Time Agenda
5mins Opening Remarks by Constellar & Local key partner (Govt/Assoc)
2mins Event Promo Video
20mins Keynote Address: Enabling Agri-Food Tech adoption in Thailand 4.0 to ensure food security
Contributing to 10% of the GDP and one-third of the nation’s labour force, Thailand’s agriculture sector has the potential to propel new economic growth. However, this has been limited by factors including climate change, lack of access to water, and poverty. Adopting Agri-Food Tech solutions will be essential in moving Thailand away from these issues, and toward leading the global standard of premium agricultural products and food security.

This session will discuss:
  1. Approaching the future of food security with Agri-Food Tech
  2. Upskilling agriculture manpower to enable a knowledgeable labour force
  3. Government support towards nationwide Agri-Food Tech adoption

  4. Proposed Speaker:
    Dr Vanida Khumnirdpetch, Director, Bureau of Foreign Agricultural Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC)
    Dr Chalermchai Sreeon, Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC)
2mins [Adv] Sponsor/Partner Video
15mins Empowering start-ups for disruptive growth in Agri-Food Tech India’s Agri-Food Tech start-ups are operating in an attractive market. From 2020 to 2021, investments in the sector soared by 97% and hit the total market value of $2.1 billion. While technological innovations to address India’s longstanding agricultural issues are in its highest demand than ever, start-up companies are finding difficulty in searching for the right source of fund to build their businesses.
In this session, we discuss:
  1. From seed to exit: Key considerations when choosing an investment partner
  2. Cushioning the risky stages of budding Agri-Food Tech start-ups with strategic growth programs
  3. Investors, accelerators, and incubators: Which type of capital is best for your growth strategies and overseas venture
Proposed speaker:
Rajesh Ranjan, Chief Executive Officer, NABVENTURES
40mins Panel Discussion: From farm to table: How can Agri-Food Tech upgrade Thailand’s food supply system?
Thailand is a leading global exporter of agricultural commodities and a bustling hub for food production. As a result, the nation expends significant resources in the Agri-Food sector, especially along the manufacture, distribution, and innovation of food. Explore Agri-Food Tech as the gateway to better management of the food supply system for Thailand to cater to both domestic and global trends.

In this session, we discuss:
  1. Implementing technologies at critical phases of the supply chain, including accelerated distribution to minimise food wastage
  2. Catering to Thailand’s tastebuds with value-added foods
  3. What stakeholders, manufacturers and consumers can expect as Agri-Food Tech becomes more prevalent
Proposed moderator
Nathan Preteseille, Consultant, ManageriA
Panu Wongcha-um, President, The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand

Proposed panelists:
  1. Dr Tanasak Wahawisan, Chairperson, Agricultural and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific (AFMA)
  2. Asst. Prof. Dr.Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA)
    Dr. Akkharawit Kanjana-Opas, Chief Executive Officer, Food Innopolis
  3. Lalana Thiranusornkij, Head of Innovation and New Product Development, CPF Group
    Vasit Taepaisitphongse, President and Chief Executive Officer, Betagro Group
  4. Thiraphong Chansiri, President and Chief Executive Officer, Thai Union
    Watcharapon Prasopkiatpoka, Protein Southeast Asia Managing Director and Thailand's Country rep, Cargill
5mins Closing Remarks
By in-country partner representative
40mins Networking Session

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