Ag-Volution For The Future | Malaysia

Ag-Volution For The Future | Regional Roadshow (Kuala Lumpur)

Co-hosted by MIFB

Date & Time
7th July 2022, 3 - 5pm

KLCC Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Hall 3-5


Attendance Size (Pre-registration required)
100 *Registration will also include entry to MIFB 

Target Audience Group

Agriculture companies including urban farming, F&B Brand Owners and Manufacturers, Food service companies, B2C Restaurants & Marketplace, Urban farming, Innovative Start-ups and SMEs, Government Agencies, Trade Associations and Media

As the nation looks toward achieving sustainable growth in the economy, the emerging agri-food sector in Malaysia will see plentiful opportunities to reimagine processes like growing, harvesting, and manufacturing.

Curated in accordance with Malaysia’s agri-food strategies, the first edition of Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA) Malaysia Roadshow will be held in conjunction with MIFB to enable key stakeholders to share first-hand insights on their thoughts of the future of agri-food in the nation. Key takeaways include:

  1. Identifying and addressing agricultural trends and challenges in Malaysia
  2. Application of new agri-food technologies in the local F&B context
  3. Opportunities to accelerate the Malaysian agri-food industry with tech

Program (Subjected to changes)

Time Agenda
Opening Remarks by Constellar
Keynote Address:
From sustainability, resiliency, to technological advancement: Paving the path towards Malaysia Agri-Food Tech 2030

The Malaysian Agricultural sector contributes 7.4% national GDP in 2020. However, the country of 33 million population is challenged by the scarcity of natural resources, lack of productivity and innovative agriculture, demographic change, shifting nutrition trends, and more. Hence, the need to promote technology adoption is more important than ever to create a more sustainable, conducive, and productive agri-food industry.

In this session, we discuss:

  1. Initiatives taken to advance Agri-Food Tech landscape in the country
  2. Strengthening the use of data to promote food security
  3. Promoting R&D, Commercialisation, and Innovation to encourage alternative agricultural practices

Building a Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient Agri-Food Tech Ecosystem
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed significant gaps in the food supply chain. Over-reliance on food imports is no longer an option. Taking this opportunity to inspect Malaysia’s food ecosystem, different methods to encourage the developing Agri-Food Tech sector have been uncovered. By adopting a persistent stance towards food innovation, Malaysia has the potential to create a positive shift not only locally, but in the global industry.

This session highlights:

  1. Improvements to the food supply chain
  2. Moving towards a more agriculturally self-sustainable nation
  3. How Malaysia can look forward to playing a key role in the transformation of South-East Asia as a regional hub for Agri-Food Tech

Panel Discussion: The real change maker: Cultivating agri-food security and sustainability with innovative Agri-food Tech
The topic of sustainability has steadily gained momentum in the Agri-Food industry, prompting stakeholders to consider the importance of channelling resources towards this movement. Simultaneously, the rapid growth of Agri-Food Tech has shown great potential to revolutionise the industry. How will leveraging technology innovation and harnessing uniquely local resources contribute towards greater industry growth and building of a sustainable ecosystem?

In this session, we discuss:

  1. Understanding the shift of consumer choices and its impact on ESG consideration in the next business strategies
  2. Partnership with local industries to create accessible innovative technology systems
  3. Demonstrating business strategies for social impact
Closing Remarks & Presentation of Token of Appreciation to Speakers
16.45 Onwards Networking & Refreshments

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